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Getting the most out of my wash day

Most people think that maintaining your natural hair is a tedious process especially when we start  talking about how many steps there is in one wash day. While this is the reality,  it’s not everyone’s reality. Depending on what I want to achieve with my hair on that particular day, my wash day process varies.

Just over two weeks ago, 16 days to be exact, I had a blowout done on my hair (at a non-natural hair salon). This was mainly because I was a bit sick and I didn’t want to have the task to do hair or wet my hair for a couple of days. So in an attempt to save water (Cape Town drought) and because I’m a lazy natural, I got this mad idea of stretching my wash as far as possible.

As I entered the salon, with my AFRO, the stylists faces went all funny. I reckoned they were silently debating on who should do this crazy bush of hair. The stylist did her thing ( Big shout out to her for doing an amazing job!), wash, condition, blow dry and flat iron and this was the result.


I was very chuffed with the result cos the wind didn’t have a chance to ruin my blowout. So for a few days I was able to wear my hair loose, looking like a stranger to everyone who have only ever seen me with my curls.

Then for a few more days, I tied it either at the back of my head or made a top knot like a 16 year old. This reminded me of my “relaxer days”, always wearing my hair tied to the back. Then the rain got hold of my hair when I got out of the bus the other day and it was the end of the slick back ponytail.

After this, I did a dutch braid over the weekend but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the hairstyle. You can check out the braid here.


Then this happened. One of my most favourite hairstyles on my natural hair. All you need for this is some bobby pins, roll and tuck and Bob’s your uncle! Cute and neat and very sophisticated.

Then to squeeze the last bit of life out of my wash day, I did some bantu knots which I will probably style for two more days.

Disclaimer: Do not try this at home.


Of course you can try this at home.

This is the first time I attempted this and I’m glad I did. The reason why I could pull this off was because I have a pretty healthy scalp. Also, the products I used to achieve these styles, smells amazing. If you perhaps suffer from dandruff or another hair related issues, I will advise that you don’t attempt to do this.

Keep a look out on my Instagram page to see how I end off this wash day marathon and let me know what you think.

Till later!



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