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Mommy you dress me “junk”

Jody is 5 years old and is convinced that he’s in charge of deciding what to wear each day. While I don’t have a problem with that, I often want to pull my hair out of my scalp when his out just doesn’t make sense. Like for instance on the days he wears he’s ninja turtles bathing costume over his outfit because, it’s ninja turtles. We’ve ended up at the mall like this as well as church.

He hardly wears long pants and shoes which is a struggle each morning.  Coats…what is that even? I’ve gotten him to the point where he takes out his own outfits at night for the next day which spares me the struggle to witness a tantrum when I dressed him in a “junk” t-shirt or something.

Junk, let’s talk about that word! This is a term that he often uses when I have him wear something he didn’t choose or like. “Mommy, you dress me junk. I want to put on my own clothes cos I want to look kwaai” I’ve always thought that I knew what I was doing when dressing my kids. According to Jody, I have it all wrong.

In a previous post I mentioned how I love to dress my boys alike but now I’m not so sure how it’s going to play out. I’m afraid that I have to accept that those days are over and done with.

This particular t-shirt is the current fave. He had it on on Saturday and was covered in ice cream and who knows what else and was neatly folded (by him) to be worn on Sunday morning. Can you imagine how my Sunday morning went? Then when the kids started prepping for school that evening, I again had to explain to him that the t-shirt first needs to be washed before it can be worn again. That lead to tantrum number 276. On Monday evening, the same thing. On Tuesday evening I’ve hand washed it and by Wednesday it was clean and dried.

So after I fully dressed him this morning while he’s still sleeping, he woke up and undressed him completely while I was in the shower. Sigh!! Obviously the outfit I chose was not what he had in mind. He had other plans and it’s by far better than some of the outfits he comes up with. And it got me thinking. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea letting him make his own choices when it comes to his clothing and maybe I should stop being such a control freak when it comes to what my kids wear. And maybe I should just let him be who he wants to be and not what I want him to be. Just maybe.

From what age do you allow your children to wear what they want? Do you also cringe every time your child steps out in something totally hidious? Share your experiences, I’d love to hear about them.

Till the next tantrum!


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  • Nate

    HAHAHAHA….ek kanie glo hy’s in 2018 met ‘n ninja turtles swimsuit wat 3 jaar gelede te klein was vi hom nie…HAHAHA…but seriously Wayra…hy’s Bigma se kind….as hulle glo dai’s die size of dai’s die style….niks gan hulle mind change nie….sorry sis jy’s op jou own….lmk….tot die next tantrum….

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