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These childhood memories I’ll never forget

Even though I was raised by a single mom, I had a completely normal childhood. Lots of love, laughter and many great memories.

Today I want to share with you some childhood memories that I will never forget.


Sick day snacks

Whenever I got sick with my tonsils, which was about every month up until we had it removed, my mom would pack me the same snacks for our trip to the hospital.
A bottle of guava juice – the dairymaid brand
A packet of cheese naks
A roll of toff-o-lux
Whenever I have any of these, I smile and have the need to tell someone about how my mom used to buy them for me.

The big question

Every morning before I leave for school, my mom would call from where ever she was, ” Did you pray?” My mom believed that when ever you leave to go somewhere, school or work, and before you go to bed, you need to pray. This taught me that I can’t do anything without God. And because of this, I now teach my kids to pray before school and at bedtime.


Weekend job

My mom used to work in a clothing factory and because she didn’t always have someone to look after me when she was required to work over weekends, she would take me with her to work. There I would help with what ever there was for me to do. This always made me feel like I have a weekend job.

It’s cold outside

On those cold winter mornings my mom would iron my socks and underwear before she dresses me in them to warm my body. I’ve been spoiling my kids with this as well and sometimes they refuse to get dressed unless I’ve ironed or popped their stuff in the tumble dryer.

What is pocket money even?

Instead of giving me pocket money, my mom would give me a bag of luxuries. This bag included chips, a chocolate, a lollipop, cool drink, sweets, as well as fruits. I got to eat these items over the course of the weekend. I never need d money and I was okay with it.


Chook chook

Every December after the school closes, my mom and I would take a trip to George by train. Oh my gosh! This was the best. We would board the train in town at about 6pm and would arrive there after about 13 hours. Our family would then pick us up at the station. We would spend the entire summer holidays there and only return home a few days before the school would start.

Did this post trigger some of your favourite childhood memories? Share your memories in the comments below.

Till later.

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  • Venean

    What special memories you have with your mom. Although my parents are now divorced, all my favourite memories are of us all as a family together. And definitely have triggers like your tof o lux where just the smell or taste of something takes me back. It’s the best. Frozen in time forever ❤ thanks for sharing!

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