A Different Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day Connect

My first day of being a mom was the saddest day of my life. An hour after giving birth to my beautiful son, he passed away. This was something I knew would happen but I  still wansn’t prepared. I mean, how do you prepare for something like that?

While I was in labour, I was also hoping that somehow God would step in and change things around. I had faith that He could cos I’ve witnessed it so many times before. This time, God’s will was not what I had in mind.

While being in labour for 3 says, my husband, then boyfriend, was with me every step of the way. He didn’t want to leave my side, so much so that he didn’t want my mom or his mom come up to see me in the labour ward. The hospital had strict rules that only one person can be with me at a time and he wanted to be that person.

There was one sister on duty, one that I’ll never forget. For the three days I was in labour, she was on day shift, looking after me. I say she was looking after me cos it felt that way. She spent most of her day rubbing my back, or showing Alan how he can help me. The thing that I’ll never forget is what she told me. She said, “you know what?  You are a very lucky girl. There are many girls, older and younger than you that has to go through this alone. Their partners and even parents doesn’t show up to support them.”

How awful is it to experience something so overwhelming all by yourself?

After seeing how some of fellow bloggers spent 1 hour of their day with the Mothers day Connect initiative last year, I decided to join in this year. As soon as the M.O.U. in my area was nominated, I jumped at the chance to join the team.

What a wonderful experience it was. Getting to give some gifts for mom as well as baby, chatting to them and being in awe of the perfectly created tiny humans who was just born. And because child birth and everything else that goes with it is familiar to me, I can sort of relate to each one of the ladies whom I’ve met yesterday.

Our team was so amazing and in the few days that we’ve had to do all the planning, everything just fell into place. The one moment we had nothing and the next we had gifts for mom, baby as well as the staff. Our team leaders did a great job at getting everything sorted and ready for the big day.

Last year, Mother’s Day Connect  visited 27 hospitals and Midwife and Obstetric Units in 6 cities around the country. Over 400 women celebrated 1530 mothers and their brand new babies. This year, there was so much more and I’m sure next year will be bigger and better.

Check out Embrace | The movement for mothers page as well as their social media accounts to see what they are up to and how you can possibly help.


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