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To my daughter…You’re going to be great!

All of a sudden I can’t say “I love you” or give you hugs at any random time or ask you how your day was. All of a sudden I can’t ask you to go to the mall with me cos you’d rather do something else instead. All of a sudden I shouldn’t stare at you because you’re afraid that I’ll ask you anything personal. Now the other day all you wanted to do was to lay in my bed and chase daddy out cause, girls sleep by girls and boys by boys. That was our thing but no more.

Now the other day you told me you needed some bras (cringe!) and when I told you that we first needed to have you go for a fitting at the store, you said you’d rather have daddy take you. I’ve tried to talk to you, to find out what’s on your mind but you shut me out and tell me you have nothing to say. They say I should rather listen to you instead of wanting to give you advice. But how does that even work?

At times I wanted to cry because I feel left out and unwanted. They say it’s how it’s supposed to be but this is not how I want it to be. I wanted something different for us. A better version of what my mom and I was at your age. I want you to trust me. To want to tell me everything. To want me to protect you and give you advice and guide you.

People out there are cruel. I don’t think you know. I wish I could shield you from all the hurt and pain that’s lurking outside, waiting for you to drown in it. It’s not what I want for you my *Pretty Pop.

All I can do is pray.

I pray that you will rise above all the negativity and see the beauty in everything. I pray that you will fear nothing and that you’ll stay focused on your goals. Goals. Set your goals. Plan ahead and see how far your dreams will take you.

You're going to be great!
You're going to overcome each and every obstacle that comes your way.
You're going to shine.
You're going to be strong.
You're going to be brave.
You're going to be courageous.

You're going to be great!

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    • admin

      I am aware that this is a very fragile stage in her life which is why I’m freaked out about basically everything about her. How do we protect our kids?

  • Shaveh

    DUDE!!!! this is so well written. It’s what I fear will happen with my girls. I don’t know how I would handle it if they shut me out. But like you’ve said, I would just pray – that’s what my mom did. But at the same time – the world is insane and dark. I really pray with you for our kids – that their lights wouldn’t go out. hugs from one preteen mommy to another.

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