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So how was your week?

It’s Friday evening and I’m sitting on the couch in my living room while Jody is fast asleep next to me. I have the remote control in the one hand and feeding myself some chocolate mousse with the other. Besides the sound of the TV, I’m sitting here in total silence. A very rare moment.

Azaria went to the youth’s sleepover (all girls), Jaymee went to his Aunt’s house for the night and my husband is on his way home from work.

This past week has been rough. I’ve worked late every single night because I’ve had deadlines. Then I still have to cook when I get home because my husband’s niece and nephew is visiting for the week and I can’t have them live off take aways for the entire week.

I got home to a different “mural” on the kid’s bedroom wall or furniture every night and I just didn’t have the energy to sort the culprit out. I was also struggling to make Jody understand that his 15 year old cousin didn’t come to visit him and also that it’s not necessary for him to follow this cousin’s every single move.

Then also, I was once again reminded that Fridays hates me. I’m supposed to leave the office by 2pm every Friday but somehow my inbox gets flooded with urgent emails that I simply cannot leave till Monday and my phone keeps on ringing and sometimes it keeps me so busy that I forget to look at the time and I end up running for my bus which is always late or doesn’t pitch at times cause Fridays likes to kick me in the balls and I never seem to be in luck. With anything. Ever.

Then today, it is Friday after all, I was super excited for an appointment I had and it took me forever to get there and just when I was close, my Uber driver cancelled on me after I’ve waited so flippen long for it to arrive and I had to make another plan. And just when arrive at the place, I looked at the time, I was already over 20 minutes late and I had to cancel cause Murphy simply hates me.

So after feeling sorry for myself, I get home, take Azaria to youth, get back home, feed my belly and let out a big sigh of relief when I see Jody laying knocked out next to me.

That alone was all I needed to prevent me from having a pity party for myself because this week I felt pretty sucky and I just needed a break.

How was your week?

Till later.

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