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I’m rambling again

I find myself always making excuses for how I dress to work or church, why I don’t do exercise (when I really want to), why I don’t eat healthier, why I don’t post more or why I don’t finish the book I’m “busy reading” for the last couple of months. I’m quite annoyed with myself. If I was my friend, I would tell me to just shut up every time I want to start to complain about how this and that isn’t happening in my life.

Day after day I tell myself that I need to find myself a job and I need to exercise and I need to sort out my cupboard and I need to do all these things that is supposed to put in a better space. I fill my mind will loads of crap. Every. Single. Time. And where does that bring me?


I’m tired. I wanna loose weight. I wanna post more. I wanna finish this book. I wanna fix my kitchen. I wanna redo my bedroom.

What am I doing about it? Again, absolutely nothing!

I’m hoping after I publish this post and see how I have been standing it the way of my own dreams and goals, I’ll somehow snap out of it, change my ways and one day come back to this post, reflect and see how far I’ve come.

And to give me another push in the right direction, a collection of quotes and sayings to keep me motivated.

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