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You better pick up after yourself

Azaria’s birthday is coming up in the next few weeks and she’s desperately trying to make some money for herself. Her plan is to make enough money to go to the mall with her cousin, watch a movie, have lunch, buy clothes and what ever else. I’m not sure if this child knows how expensive things are these days but I didn’t have the heart to burst her bubble.

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She spent last weekend at a family members home, cleaning their windows and doing some other chores around the house. I remember when she asked her aunt if they could come to do some chores for some bucks in return, her aunt explicitly said that she will not be paying for work that hasn’t been done properly which of course is fair.

To be honest, I really didn’t have much faith in her capabilities for the mere fact that I always have to remind my kids to keep their rooms tidy. I guess I will have to take the blame for the lack of “neatness” because my husband is a tad bit OCD when it comes to putting things on their place or keeping things and places tidy, me on the other hand, I’m not as committed to the cause! Although I’m not that bad, I was really hoping that at least one of my kids could inherit his “neat freak” genes. I’ll just have to pray a little bit harder.

When the weekend was over, her aunt couldn’t stop saying how impressed she was with how well they did everything. For a moment I couldn’t believe what she was saying and if it weren’t for the fact that I was there when she was picked up on Friday and saw the pictures they sent me on WhatsApp, I still would’ve doubted that she was talking about my child.

Moral of the story?? I am the reason why my kids never clean their rooms or tidy up where ever they mess. As small as I think my kids are, they are never too young to start doing chores. I think as parents we sometimes don’t allow our kids to grow up and we live in a fast pacing world where we want to get things done as quickly as possible and to wait for half an hour for your 5 year old to pick his pj’s up from the floor, we’d rather do it ourselves because we just don’t have time.

Perfect example:

Jody leaves his school bag smack bang in the middle of the living room floor. I ask him to pick it up and he just plainly ignores me after I’ve repeated myself 3 times. I see Jaymee walking by and I ask him to do it or I simply let out a big sigh and pick it up myself. In this way, Jody is now used to having me and his siblings pick up after him because he knows that if he refuses or ignores me long enough, somebody will eventually do it for him.

Whenever I do the laundry, I fold it up and have Azaria and Jaymee pack theirs away while I see to it that Jody’s are packed away. My reason for doing it is because I don’t want him to mess up his neatly packed drawers. A while back I started to let Jody pack away he’s own laundry even though I know it’ll be a mess when he’s done but who the hell care? Nobody sees he’s drawers any way! Also, he looks so pleased with himself after he’s done it.

It never use to bother me that Azaria and Jaymee didn’t pick up after themselves when they were at Jody’s age. This is probably why I’m still struggling to get them to do certain things without me having to tell them to do it. Now that I know how that worked out, I can do things differently with Jody. I’m still praying for those “keep it neat and tidy” genes to manifest in their lives.

Till later.


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