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Unfit, unhealthy and sick of it

Last week we had our annual conference at work and as usual there was some work travel involved. Normally we would have it at about six venues all over South Africa but due to budget cuts and lack of sponsorship etc., we only had it in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I really don’t need to explain here because, just have a look at the state of our economy. I mean everybody needs to make cuts in their budgets…even me!

As soon as we arrived at OR Tambo international, we rushed to the train station to catch the Gautrain which took us to Sandton where we got a shuttle that  took us to the hotel. A free service the hotel provides their guests.

We got to the hotel, checked into our rooms, off load our luggage and got ready to take the shuttle to the other hotel where our event was being held the next day. This was only to check the venue out and to finalize the set up  and seating arrangements, etc.

Then we had some stuff to print because our awesome printer at work decided to be funny and the hotel’s printer couldn’t handle the amount and quality of the prints we needed and luckily they could direct us to a printing shop in the mall “opposite the road” from the hotel. Opposite the road actually meant walking up the side of the road and by side I mean a bit uphill and then across the main road.

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Please don’t think that this post is about me wanting  you to know about how amazing my job is because if you read some of my previous posts or some of my Instagram captions, you’d notice that I’m a tad bit over my job at the moment. If I were to start my post by saying that I went to Joburg to walk up a hill, you’d probably think that I have nothing fun to do with my life. because I really do. Just in case you were wondering.

After climbing a gazillion steps, while stopping to catch my breath and soothe this fire burning in my chest, we finally reached the shop. My legs on the other hand, decided to give up on me by only taking 5 steps at a time.

This was it.

I had a burning fire in my chest and passion had nothing to do with it.

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I am unfit. I am unhealthy. And I am too fat for my own good.

When I finally went back to my hotel room and checked what I’ve missed out on social media, I came across Nikki of We are the Humans insta stories where she was posed the question “Can an obese body be a healthy body?”.

For a very long time because I’ve been feeling unhappy and awkward about my body image. Looking into the mirror is something I hate to do because in front of the mirror is where I would see everything that is wrong with me or everything I hated about myself. Every inch of my body that is not perfect or the way I would want it to look.

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Of course an obese body cannot be a healthy body. According to my BMI, I’m classified as obese believe me when I tell you that I am far from healthy. I’m tired all the time, attempting to run 7 steps gives me a mini asthma attack, I eat way too many sugary things and I get headaches that drives me up the wall all the time. 

I guess admitting that I have an issue can be called the first step towards a journey that will lead me to getting my body and health into shape. One step at a time.

I’m not making any promises but I’ll try and keep you updated.

Till later.

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