2019…Happy New Year!!!

I’m going to be that person and set some goals – also known as new year’s resolutions. Judge me all you want but I’m doing it any way.

A few months back vision boards sparked an interest in me and I began to watch a whole lot of YouTube videos and read many blog posts about it and felt so inspired, that I decided to make one for myself. I loved the entire process. From thinking about what I want to happen in my life, my goals, to searching for the pictures and putting everything together.

My mom was sleeping over that particular night and she must have thought that I’m cray-cray for sitting on the living room floor cutting and pasting like a 5 year old.

To be honest, at first I thought it was a bit far fetched but as I studied my board a few days later, I realised that what I’ve created on the board was in actual fact the way I want my life to turn out. Nothing on there was something that I just placed there for fun, everything was truely meant to be there because it came from my inner most being.

I’ve taken a picture of the board and look at it from time to time when I’m at work or in the bus or whenever I think of it. Then, a few months in, one of my goals manifested. It only hit me afterwards but it was happening.

There are so many other goals and things on there that I am waiting for to manifest and after my first achievement, I am now more confident that the rest will follow suit.

I’ve also realised that making the right decisions and working hard, is imperative for the way I see my future. So this year,  I am going to be intentional about what I do to get the ball(s) rolling. I’m not adding anything to the board, I will just be getting myself ready for the future.

Things doesn’t happen in comfort zones after all. 

Happy new year. Hope you smash all your 2019 goals!

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