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The recent holidays seems like it never happened. Although the school holidays was slightly shorter and flew by so quickly, we made the most of our time off. We went to the beach, visited friends and family and some days just chilled on the couch, scrolling through our phones.

For me it is important to spend time with the kids to make memories they can treasure for always. Making memories is not only doing what I want, but what they want which is often not ideal for me. Laying on the floor while pretending to eat a burger made of paper or drinking from a cup that was laying in the front yard yesterday is not exactly my idea of fun but to my 6 year old it means the world to him. So who am I to argue? This one day we went to the Company Gardens where Jody ran around chasing and feeding the birds, rolled on the grass and climbed all the trees in sight. I couldn’t wait to get home to give him a bath.

Allowing my children to explore and experience life through play, helps then grow and develop. My job in this is to teach them how to do it safely by teaching them good hygiene practices that will protect them germs that might put them at risk of falling ill. Dettol is a trusted brand that is well known for keeping germs and the spread thereof at bay and the new Profresh ensures that families are protected from 100 illness-causing germs, giving parents the assurance that their kids are protected whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.

There are a number of stages of childhood development and each stage requires a unique approach to good hygiene and germ protection, especially during Colds & Flu season:

Babies (birth – 2 years) need a lot of looking after and it is imperative that parents learn to understand, respect, support and encourage the unique characteristics and abilities of each child. Babies have not yet built up immunity to all the germs that cause colds and flu and it is vital to protect them through good hygiene. You can wash your own and your baby’s hands using Dettol Handwash or Dettol Bar Soap. Keep your baby away from other people who have colds or flu. It is also important to keep surfaces in your home germ free and you can use the Dettol Kitchen and Bathroom Trigger for this purpose.

Toddlers (18 months – 3 years) are in a phase of active exploration of their environment, as they take their first steps and become free to roam around their world. The most important mode of learning during this period is playing. This exploratory time is essential for growth and development, but also means an increased chance of coming into contact with germs and with other children you may have colds or flu. Dettol Hygiene Wipes are a great portable solution for moms to keep their toddlers’ hands clean and germ free.

School Children (6 – 12 years) school-age children become gradually ready for more and independence. It is important for parents to guide children to make good choices and exercise self-discipline. Parents need to impart a moral code that the child gradually internalises. As children struggle with learning important tasks, parents must be able to provide praise and encouragement for achievement and also allow them to learn from their own mistakes, within a supportive environment. School children can be taught good hygiene habits, such as using the Dettol six-step handwashing process using Dettol Handwash or Bar Soap to protect them against cold and flu causing germs, particularly after touching their mouth or nose or before handling food. School children can also be given Dettol Hand Sanitiser with a clip to carry on their schools bags for keeping hygienic and germ free while at school, but special care must be taken to ensure that they are taught to use this product responsibly.

The need for superior and certain germ protection is rooted in the challenges of growing up and Dettol allows the liberation that is needed for real growing up.

I hope you have enjoyed and find the tips Dettol has shared with me and now you, useful.

Keep your hands clean and protect your family.
Till later.

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