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It’s my birthday month and here’s what I have on my wish list

February is the month of love but it’s also my birthday month! Yay! Not yay. I’m not a “birthday person”. I simply hate it when people make a fuss of me. I’d rather hide, in my room or just go about my day as per normal. I can’t remember if I ever was excited for my birthday.

The year I turned 21, my friends and I booked a weekend away to escape the party my mom wanted to have for me. In the coloured community, 21st’s are a huge deal and a party in a hall with family and friends is usually how it’s celebrated. I thought going away for my birthday weekend would stop my mom’s plans, but instead she ended up having the whole do the following week.

I hated the fact that I had to walk down the middle of the room while everyone was clapping their hands and staring at me. While walking up the steps, I tripped on my dress but quickly caught myself and walked on. I have a constant reminder of that moment on video. One would think that the videographer would edit it out but he didn’t so now I will be reminded of that memory for the rest of my life. So glad I don’t own a VHS machine so I can’t watch it. I should actually have it converted to DVD or some format so we can watch it again. I don’t think my kids ever watched and I’m sure they will have a good laugh when they see me embarrass myself in front of everybody.

Anyway, back to my birthday that’s happening later this month. I’ve thought long and hard about the celebration of my life and I’ve come to the realization that my life is totally worth celebrating. Any life is worth the fuss and I need to let go of the feeling of not being deserving of what others want to do for me, give me or how they want to make me feel on my special day.

So this year I am switching it up by making a list of things I’m silently obsessed about. 

  1. Plants

I think my home can do with a touch of green. Since last year I’ve been looking at plants on the internet, wanting to buy one but I never got around to doing it. I’ve put it on my list as a reminder to myself that I NEED to get one soon.

2.  Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fine Fragrance Mist 

I’m not big on perfumes but my husband is. If he can bath in the stuff, he would. I saw this (and others), at Dischem and I’m in love with the smell. I also love how affordable it is compared to what we pay for perfume.

3. A Letter board  

Not having this letter board gives me major FOMO. Looks like everyone has one on their feed and it looks stunning. This one is from Curated South Africa.

4. Sorbet facial cleansing brush

As I am getting older, the more I regret not looking after my skin earlier on. This little apparatus would make my life so much easier and my skin more healthier looking. 

5. Lindt Chocolates

I love chocolates. My husband knows that about me. I’m hoping to eat all the chocolates on my birthday without anyone giving me grief about it.

6. Denim jacket

I have owned many denim jackets but as my weight changed over the years, I needed to get rid of them. This one I got off Superbalist and it’s not exactly what I have in mind. I will definitely have to shop for one in the mall.

Making this list felt so satisfying. Just as satisfying as popping items into my basket online that never really makes it to the checkout…lol. Although this is not all that’s on my wishlist, I will definitely be getting a few of this items on my list for myself even if it takes until my next birthday!

Do you secretly wish for a few things you saw online or in the store? Will you be getting it for yourself? Comment below and let me know.

Till later


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