Natural Hair 101 Series

Part 8: Pre Pooing

I was going to include Pre-pooing in the cleansing post but the more research I did, the more I felt that it deserves its own post. So here goes!

What is pre-poo?

A pre-poo is a treatment you do before washing your hair. It can be done a few hours before washing your hair or even the day before.

What is the benefits of pre-pooing?

Makes detangling easier

Remember that feeling you get every time you realize that it’s wash day and you know it’s going to take several minutes to get your hair detangled? Well, pre-pooing your hair kinda takes that feeling away. Trust me, it works. There was a time in my life when I thought that the only way I can get a comb through my hair is when my hair is soaking wet and smothered with conditioner but after I discovered the art of pre-pooing, I’ve been saving time and CONDITIONER! The oils (and other stuffs) you apply to your hair makes it soft and more manageable, making it easier to detangle.

Causes less breakage

Since prepooing makes detangling easier, you’ll also experience less breakage. Duh! You don’t have to comb it so much! Also, prepooing prevents protein loss and keeps your hair cuticles healthy.

Adds more moisture

See, when you wash your hair, you loose some of the moisture. So, applying oil to your hair infuses moisture to your hair and scalp. You’ll loose some moisture in the process but not all of it. Just think of it as upsizing at Mc Donalds, you get more fries and cooldrink than your friend who ordered a medium meal.

How to incorporate pre-pooing in your hair regime

Many people uses pre-pooing as their first step in their hair regimen in preparation for the steps that follow. I usually prepoo the night before if I know that the following day is going to be wash day.


Coconut oil – This is one of my go-to prepoo treatments especially the time when my hair was blonde.

Olive oil – This oil mixed and heated with some raw honey is especially good when you’re not a fan of coconut oil.

Castor oil – This can be mixed with some greek yogurt. It also assists with hair growth and

Aloe vera – You can either use the gel straight out of the plant or you can purchase the juice.

These are just a few that popped up in my hair but there is loads of other mixes to choose from.

Do you ever pre poo your hair before washing? let me know in the comment section below.

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Till later.

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