First term update

Besides Jody driving me insane with all the school talk, I must admit that we had a very good first term. To be honest, I was very worried that Jody wouldn’t cope with the work in Grade 1 as I wanted him to start Grade R this year. If you don’t know that story, you can read about it here.

At first, we struggled getting him into the same morning routine as my older two. In the past (creche), we let him sleep for a bit longer while dressing him. If he’s still asleep by the time I’m done dressing him, I put him into the car as is. If he wakes up before then, he brushes his teeth and sometimes have some porridge. The creche provided breakfast which he sometimes eats at home and at creche and lets him brush his teeth.

Ever since starting big school, he needs to make sure that he does everything (eat breakfast & brush his teeth) before he leaves home. Some mornings it’s a struggle but most mornings we get it right.

He also couldn’t understand why nobody serves him lunch at break time which is why I had to get very creative when packing his lunch every day.

There are no nap times at big school which meant that by the time I get home, he’s barely awake. Some evenings he falls asleep while having supper. I think he’s body is used to not taking a nap by now.

In the first few weeks my older son Jaymee complained of how Jody don’t want to leave his side during interval. After having a few chats with Jody, I found that he have been struggling to make friends. The rest of his class was in the same Grade R class last year and he was basically the only new kid in his class. It made a bit sense but I spoke to his teacher and it was sorted in no time.

We are still struggling to get him to look after his stationary and I can’t tell you how annoying it is when I find his Pritt or pencil somewhere in the morning after he left for school already. This something I’m still working on, wish me luck!

He enjoys reading so much. We have to clap and make a fuss about it all the time. Sitting with his work takes up so much time and we are still trying to find a balance as time is limited most days.

When he received his first report card last week, I felt so bad and proud at the same time. My reason for feeling bad was because when I went to have a chat with his teacher about me being worried about how he’s going to cope with the work, she told me to not get worried so soon and that we will be able to see at the end of the first term. That was me having very little confidence in my boy. Turns out I was wrong because he’s doing so well especially in his Maths. It was such a relief and I am so proud.

I am hoping that we do better and better in the months ahead.

How did your first term go? Let me know in the comments below.

Till later.

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