Lolli Putti is now in South Africa

We were invited to Toys R Us for the launch of the Lolliputti this passed Saturday morning. I only took the boys but when we got home Azaria was so bummed that she didn’t go with.

The Lolliputti putty pop as it is know for, is a mystery collectible toy that is designed to encourage to get creative and  innovative from the get go. It comes in 3 varients, Lolliputti Monster Makers; Lolliputti Unicorn Lab and Lolliputti Ice Cream Factory.

There are 16 different freaky monsters and funky unicorns to bring to life and you know what you’re going to get. The Lolliputti Ice Cream Factory offers 12 different scented putties to collect including; Banana, Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Pistachio, Rose, Caramel, Coconut, Grape, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Vanilla.  Each mystery pop contains two scrumptiously scented, different coloured putties, scintillating sprinkles and a surprise sticker; and there’s no limit to children’s imaginations as they create their best-ever ice cream sundaes.

This collectible comes in this huge lollipop that can be turned into display cup on a stand. Inside you will find vibrantly coloured putty with mystery body body parts, sprinkles or stickers which can be used to decorate the putty.

At first it looks like it can cause a whole mess but the minute you start working it with your fingers, it becomes this soft ball of dough-like substance that can be molded into any shape you want. 

See the short video on how it works below:

Here’s a few reasons why you should have your kids start collecting them:

  1. Compound Crazy: Dough, Slime, Sand and More…. 
    Creative compounds like slime, kinetic sand, dough, and putty, are popular not only on their own, but also within the unboxing trend, Compound based activities are a good way to get kids to tap into their creative side, to familiarize themselves with different textures, and styles of design and construction.
  2. Why are collectibles toys beneficial – and what can they teach your child ?

    Children usually become interested in collecting items from the age of 5 – social skills and interaction, learn about money and budgeting, sense of achievement and personal responsibility.

  3. Foodie Fun 
    This trend reflects the strong emphasis that millennial parents have placed on being health conscious and aware of where their food is sourced. From fruity to spicy to even off-putting or gross-out smells, scented toys have become a must-have item for kids, who find it fun to pick a scent that appeals to them and to collect characters, toys, backpack charms, and other playthings that consist of a favorite smell.

When we got there Jaymee was like, “Mommy, I don’t think this is for me”, until he won first place for the best monster! And guess what Jody and Jaymee was doing the entire Saturday afternoon when we got home?? Yep, making monsters with their Lolloputti gifts they received at the launch.

These babies retail for R89.99 each and is available at all Toys R Us stores nation wide.

Till later!


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2 thoughts on “Lolli Putti is now in South Africa

  1. My kids have not stopped playing with these! And I have to admit, once I actually started playing with it, the kids had to fight me to get it back…. 🙂

    1. I believe you. Yesterday Jaymee wanted to put it away before bedtime and I grabbed it, telling him I would do it. Hahahaaha…

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