My #KidsLoveJordan

A few weeks ago Jaymee and Jody reviewed Jordan toothpaste for a whole month. When the package arrived, they were super excited because it was something their sister wasn’t part of. Why are siblings so competitive??

Anyway, we received toothbrushes with a super cool sticky holder thingy, age appropriate toothpastes, a progress chart and stickers to use on the chart as we went along.

What they had to do was brush their teeth twice per day, something I’ve been struggling to get Jody to do, for a whole two minutes. Jaymee, my 12 year old, does not need to be reminded to brush his teeth so basically he did what he normally does when it came to brushing his teeth with the new toothbrush and toothpaste.

Jody on the other hand, a totally different story. On a normal day, it was a constant battle getting him to brush his teeth. If he wakes up in a bad mood which is almost every day, he simply refuses to brush his teeth and it leaves me to do it for him. After struggling to get the toothbrush between his clenched teeth for a few minutes, it takes even longer for me to get him to stick out his tongue. It was a nightmare every single morning.

Jordan seriously made my mornings go smoother and I’m not saying this because I received it for free. Jody literally brushed his teeth almost 4 times a day. There was no stopping him. Every morning, when he gets home from school, when I get home from work and just after bath time.

The toothpaste comes in a tube with a screw on top of which I was a flip cap cos these kids never put the caps back on. We received the one for ages 6 – 12 years but it also comes in ages 0-5 which contains the correct amount of fluoride for the respective ages and no SLS*. The taste reminds me of bubblegum and I that is what Jody is probably liking the most.

Both Jaymee & Jody are currently scraping out the last of the toothpaste and that means that we need to get some when we do our next toiletries shopping trip.

I can truly say that my #KidsLoveJordan

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