Part 11: Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioner is like conditioner on steroids. While conditioner also provides moisture, deep conditioner just penetrates deeper into your strands. Regular deep conditioning strengthens your hair, aids to the over all health of your hair and assists in keeping your hair healthy.

The benefits

Encourages elasticity – Your goal should be high elasticity which is stronger and harder to break. Hair with low elasticity is brittle and breaks easily. 

Moisture – moisturized hair = healthy hair and don’t you ever forget that. regular deep conditioning imparts moisture so don’t skip out on your weekly deep conditioning treatments.

Prevents damage – back to my previous point…moisturized hair is healthy hair and healthy hair is strong hair and strong hair isn’t easily damaged. Get it?

Softens your hair and adds shine –  well moisturized hair is usually soft and lustrous. 

Tips when doing your deep conditioning treatment

  • Apply heat – heat opens up cuticles allowing deeper penetration
  • Focus on your ends – it’s the oldest part of your hair thus needs more attention
  • Don’t skip – do regular deep conditioning treatments (at least once a week) to maintain the health of your hair

My recommendations (those products that have personally love & worked for me)

  1. My Natural Hair Hydration Mask
  2. Carols Daughter Hair Milk Curl-Defining Moisture Mask
  3. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Deep Conditioner

DIY deep conditioniners

Many naturalistas prefer to make their own deep conditioners in the comfort of their own kitchens to cater to the needs of their hair. Using ingredients from your kitchen cupboards gives you control over what you put on your hair.

Some popular diy deep conditioners are:

  1. Avocado & Olive Oil
  2. Aloe vera gel & Coconut oil
  3. Banana & Honey

I will do an extensive post on DIY deep conditioners after I have tried them all.

What are some of your favourite deep conditioners? List them below in the comments.

Till later.

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