Review: Schwarzkopf’s Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color

Hey loves… I’m here with another review.

A few weeks ago I took part in yet another campaign run by Beauty Bulletin featuring Schwarzkopf’s Palette Deluxe hair dye. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ve probably heard me moan about how I hate my grey hair and even though it’s not always visible, I still wanted to get rid of them.

As a naturally curly girl of 9 years, you are often advised to stay away from dyeing your hair as it can cause damage and alter your curl pattern. Taking this into consideration, what I use to dye my hair with, needed to do the job and be soft on my curls.

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a hair dye that is able to cover my greys without damaging my precious curls. I’ve done the blonde thing with boxed dye in the past but I got a little carried away and damaged my hair in the process.

The Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Color promises a formula with nourishing micro-oils for rich, luxurious color with up to 6 weeks anti-dull effect perfect grey coverage which is perfect because I wouldn’t dare redoing my hair every other week to keep the color popping.

It also offers the easy-to-use application bottle that allows a precise application at the roots and mess-free application on the lengths of the hair, without any dripping. Included in the box was a rich care mask which is an after treatment that nourishes your every strand.

Let me share my experience.

As I have previously stated, I wanted to get rid of my grey hair and I needed a product that wouldn’t have me reaching for it every second week. After rinsing off the product, there was no sign of a single grey hair on my head. Even after my 3rd and 4th wash, nothing. The first sign of grey was at my roots, my new growth. After rinsing the product, my hair felt nourished and even after drying it, it was so soft and shiny and full of bounce.

A few tips for the curly girls wanting to colour there natural hair:

  • Make sure your hair is in a healthy state before deciding to use colour on your hair.
  • Leading up to the day of colouring your hair, make sure you have done a few deep conditioning treatments beforehand.
  • After care is also very important meaning regular deep conditioning sessions and some protein treatments in between.

Have you ever coloured your hair at home? Please share your experience below in the comments.

Till later.

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