Review: Tresemme Botanic – The new additions

Hey my Lovelies

I am here with another review and this time I am featuring the Tresemme Botanic range. We already love the Shampoo and Conditioner and the Co-washes and this time they have added 3 more products to their already fabulous range.

The new additions are:

  • Tresemme Botanic Hair Food
  • Tresemme Botanic Rich Oil Mist
  • Tresemme Botanic Pre-wash Detangling Butter

My thoughts?

Tresemme Botanic Hair food – R39.99

Can I just express how disappointed I was when I saw that the first ingredient on the list is MINERAL OIL?? No man Tresemme, you should know better. Trying it wasn’t even an option for me and neither should any naturalista for that matter.

Tresemme Botanic Rich Oil Mist – R139.99

At first I didn’t know how to use this product or where to include it in my regimen. I could’ve just read the instructions but no, I had to look like a greasy mess cos in my mind, two pumps was simply not enough. The mist comes in a 110 ml spritz bottle and two pumps of it rubbed together between the palms of your hands will coat your hair sufficiently unless you have very dry hair, then you need to use a pump or two more. At first I thought it’s a bit expensive for that tiny bottle but given the amount of product you use at a time, it will surely last you a couple of months. (enough time to save up for another bottle)

Tresemme Botanic Pre-wash Detangling Butter – R79.99

In a previous post I have mentioned how I’ve only recently started to include pre-pooing into my hair regimen and using this product (my absolute fave), is the perfect way to start your wash day. My son hair gets matted very easily which is why as soon as we loosen his twists, we twist them up again. This butter have been a life saver, making the detangling process on his hair so much easier. It also leaves the hair soft and moisturized.

The range doesn’t contain any dyes or parabens or any yucky stuff (besides the hair food of course) and it is worth trying out. The range is available on the Tresemme store at discounted prices and you can make your purchase here.

Till later.

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