Ellips hair vitamins

Review: Ellips Hair Vitamins

My hair generally grows like weeds, so I don’t normally shop for products that helps to grow my hair faster. I’m usually very scissor happy which is probably why I had 3 big chops in the 9 years I’ve been wearing my hair natural. What I look for in products is how it makes my hair feel and if it feels good, it will also look good.

I’ve also come across people who, when they touch my kids or my hair, are shocked at how it feels. Most people are under the impression that the coarse texture of naturally curly/coily hair is hard when touched. Coarse/curly/coily hair is generally thicker in diameter which tends to make it feel rough or hard.

When my hair feels hard, it tells me that it’s dry and it needs moisture. A deep conditioning or protein treatment would then be the order of the day. Dryness can be caused by a number of things i.e. doing a wash and go without applying enough or the right products (I’ve done it many times), not doing regular treatments, etc. It is so important to feed your hair and scalp with the right nutrients in order to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. Including oils into your wash day routine is one of the key components to ensure that your hair is well nourished.

Ellips hair vitamins

A while back I was sent the Ellips hair vitamins as well as 2 treatments to test and review and I have found that this little capsule is the perfect treat to feed my hair.

About the hair vitamins

For starters, those little capsules are not to be taken orally but an oil that is applied to the hair and scalp. The capsule itself is made of a gelatine-based biodegradable material which is obviously environmentally friendly. There are 5 different variants and all of the capsules contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamins A and E to provide nourishment and Moroccan Oil to combat frizz and strengthen the hair.



  • Aloe Vera for moisture



  • Ginseng and Honey to help prevent breakages and reinforce hair structure

Ellips hair vitamins



  • Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil to repair rapidly and fight dryness



  • Infused with conditioning ingredients to help care for highlighted and coloured hair



  • Candlenut Oil and Aloe Vera that provides softness for very thick hair

Repair hair mask

Pink Hair Mask

The moisturizing factor of Jojoba Oil in this treatment is good for heat damaged hair while the Pro-Keratin complex provides nourishment and strengthens the hair. There is also a Black Hair Mask for smooth and silky hair and offers UV protection as well as a Yellow Hair Mask that strengthens the hair.

Ellips Ultra Treatment

Ultra treatment

The Ultra Treatment focuses on aging hair feeding it with Everlasting Flower Oil, Green Tea Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, A and E to keep it healthy.

Ellips hair vitamin

My Views

Ellips hair vitamin capsules:

First things first, the Ellips hair vitamins smells amazing! The oil feels soft and very light weight which means it won’t leave your hair feeling oily and weighed down. One capsule covers my entire head of hair which is amazing because my hair soaks up product leaving me to use more than normal.  After conditioning my hair, I’ve applied it do my damp hair, working it  through with my fingers. My hair immediately felt soft and moisturized. I have never used it doing a blowout because this year, I’m focusing on growing my hair which means staying away from heat.

I’ve also been using the capsules while my hair is in braids by spritzing my scalp with some water and massaging an Ellips hair vitamin into my scalp.

Ellips Hair Mask:

After shampooing my hair, I applies the Pink Hair Mask and it immediately soaked into my hair. Although it only takes 2 minutes to do its job, I left it on a bit longer cos, #curlygirlbeliefs.

Ellips Ultra Treatment:

If you have been following me for a while, you’d know that I often complain about getting grey. This is not a product for gray hair but for aging hair. A girl has a few months left of her forties and this hair on my head is not that young either. Since using the Ultra treatment,  I didn’t see any significant difference in the look of my hair but I know that it leaves my hair feeling nourished and looking defined.

As a curly girl, I always welcome products that positively adds to the health of my hair and Ellips hair vitamins have done just that. If you would like to give it a try, visit their website or find them on takealot.com for purchase.

You don’t have to take my word for it, try them out for yourself for some amazing results.They are available in a 12 capsule pack, 50 capsule jar.

Till later.

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