5 Local Bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading

Don’t you just sometimes wish that you can spend your entire day reading books and news articles or blog posts from other bloggers? I do but unfortunately I don’t always have the time to read what I want or when I want to. Most of the time I read on my way to work or home but I get extremely sleepy and struggle to concentrate so I listen to music instead. ( I take to bus to work)

Finding the time to read other bloggers’ blogs is extremely difficult because there are so many wonderful South African bloggers out there and it is impossible to stay up to date with all of their content. There are however certain blogs that I pop onto to have a read and here are some of them…

Riy Captured Blog is a food blog where Riyana shares some amazing recipes. She’s also a mom of two and a photographer so you can imagine how good the food looks. Everything looks so fancy schmancy but the recipes are so easy to make.

Two Babes on a Budget is an amazing duo who once were parenting blogger but have since joined forces bringing us the best budget finds, self care tips and loads of fun. I have read every single post so far and have been enjoying what they’ve brought to the table.

I really enjoy reading Luchae of My Spreadsheet Brain‘s blog. I love her writing style and I think that we have a few things in common, musician husbands, very involved at church, raising teens and little ones and also marriage. Also, how funny is she??

Whenever I need to know anything about make-up things and children’s books, An Ordinary Gal is the blog I go to first. She shares some really good high end as well as budget make up reviews on her blog.

Aisha’s blog was one of the first South African bloggers I’ve followed because, at that time she was basically the only one sharing about her natural hair journey. Today it’s no longer My Fro & I but Aisha & Life where she also share about her parenting journey as well as marriage & lifestyle which is just as amazing as her natural hair content.

There are many more wonder blog that I read but these are some of my faves. Which blogs do you enjoy?

Till later!

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