03 November 2019

Weekends are made for family. The last couple of weeks was a bit hectic but we survived. I normally try to get things like the laundry and proper cleaning done during the week so that I have all the free time to spend with the kids. During the week we’re always in a rush to get supper done, do homework and get the kids into bed early.

I find it difficult to get Jody into bed early when the older two still have homework to finish. He never gets it when he needs to go to bed while the other two is still awake. Because they share a room, I need to let him fall asleep in my bed and take him back to his bed when the other two is in bed. The following morning he then wants to know who picked him up and carried him to bed. Lol.

We had to attend a funeral Saturday morning and afterwards u had to skip away to attend the MamaMagic Blogger meetup at the MamaMagic Baby expo. I felt so bad because I got there so late and missed out on so much.

I also met the lovely Sharon of Kween B blog (previously know n as The Blessed Barrenness). I especially wanted to meet her because earlier the morning I was tagged in post by her to say that I’ve won an Instant pot. You guys…I was so ecstatic cos after seeing what it can do, I immediately wanted one. But you know it was a case of wants & needs and the time it was a want. I normally don’t enter competitions except for when I really want that item and I really l, really, really wanted this. And now I have it and I’m so excited for it to arrive. My husband doesn’t get my excitement probably because I never cooks but he sure will reap all the benefits thereof.

Sundays we do church and we never miss it. There’s just something about spending time in the presence of the Lord. Today I was reminded that God is a God of miracles and I cannot wait for a miracle to happen fo me or my situation, I need to do my part. As I’m typing up this post, I’m doing my washing cos it’s just something that needs to be done today.

Check you later!

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