04 November 2019

Ahhh… it’s a new week which means new challenges and also new opportunities. I like to not think of Monday as a bad day because thoughts becomes things and I’d like to believe that the saying is true.  Getting the kids done for school this morning was a breeze. Jody is usually the hold up but this morning he was so excited to take his new Munchkin water infuser bottle to school that he got done in a hurry. Also, it’t PT on Mondays and he simply loves it.

I’ve spent most of my Monday checking out InstantPot recipes, lol. Not entirely true but I did watch a few of them cos I’m that excited. I simply cannot wait for it to arrive and I’m low key upset that no-one in my circle shares the excitement. I guess I will have to work extra hard to make them understand why they need one just like I convinced many of my family member to wear their hair natural.

Talking about natural hair, now the other day I walked down our road and saw so many people wearing their hair natural and I felt so proud cos I know I had something to do with that. This takes me back to years ago when one of our neighbors walked up to my husband’s mom and asked her when I’m going to get a hold of Azaria’s hair. She even offered that her daughter can plait it if I can not handle her thick hair. My MIL sarcastically told her to mind her thanks but no thanks because she gets paid for her hair to be that thick…lol. She was referring to the time when Azaria did the catalog modelling thing. Also, does that make me an influencer now?

I usually don’t cook on Mondays because we have prayer meeting so as per usual, sandwiches is on the menu like any other Monday. Yesterday I bought a 3kg bag of apples, the pink lady ones for school and I’m pretty sure that it will be up before the end of the week. Fruit is life in my home.

Another thing…my hair. I know I’ve been complaining about my grey hair for a long time now and I am so over it. This morning was one of those days where I didn’t have time to do a wash and go and I had to settle for a bun which on the other hand, expose all the greys. I think I shouldn’t wear my hair in a bun any more because it just depresses me so much.

Again, Jody fell asleep before supper and this time I am not to blame. It was barely 7pm but I guess the first year of school is taking it’s toll on him. I can remember the first week of school when he asked me why he doesn’t get lunch or take a nap at school. That’s why they call it big school baby!

Till later

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