Parenting teenage boys…what no-one told me

I still can’t believe that I am a mom to two teenager, a girl and very recently, a boy! All I can say it that I can’t believe how quickly things have changed in the last two months or so.

Jaymee was a very grumpy baby but not the ones who cried a lot. The expression on his face was always that of a grumpy old man. And it still is. I was so hopeful that he would grow out of that grumpy old look on his face but I’m afraid he didn’t. I’m just hoping that it will change since he’s only been a teen for about 2 minutes.

He always referred to himself as “my child” cos my mom always tell him that he reminds her of me being a very quiet child who loved her own space and could play with herself for hours, alone. With this, he also expected me to always take his side in arguments between him and his sister or to defend him when his dad threatens the give him a spanking. I would never interfere when my husband wants to discipline him but sometimes I would side with him just to get on his sister’s nerves.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that I get very annoyed with Jaymee by some of the things he does. I’m not sure why I’ve been noticing random things about him or why it irks me so much these days.

So today I’m sharing:

What no-one told me about teenage boys.

They grow so fast (and tall)

I feel like Jaymee has grown 30cm in a matter of days. This can cause a major dent in your pocket because you basically have to replace their entire wardrobe and shoes are especially expensive. You won’t even get away with cheapie brands because apparently there’s an image to consider now.

They  moan

These days Jaymee moans about everything. Whatever you ask him to do…he moans. If I ask him to take his lunchbox from his bag…he moans. When I tell him to switch of the lights at night…he moans.

They are mean

When did my sweet little boy become so mean? I’m sure he must have picked it up at school…lol. He hates his little brother and is nasty to his sister. In the beginning of the year I was so proud of him for taking so good are of his brother while trying to adapt to big school. So much have changed since then and I am so disappointed.

They eat like vacuum cleaners

Omgosh! Where did this appetite come from? I mean, 10 minutes after his last meal you’ll find him lurking in the kitchen, looking for something to eat. I’m actually concerned that now that the school holidays is coming up, my cupboards will run empty before the next grocery shop.

They are gross

If you know why boys have to be reminded to take a bath, please slide into my dms. At this point in time I am so grateful for every time Jaymee asks his sister to leave the shower on. Keeping their bodies clean and “fresh” is the furthest thing from their minds.

Their privates is suddenly private

This, I cannot handle. All of a sudden I can’t be in the bathroom to brush my teeth when I’m in a hurry and he’s in the shower. I’m not coming there to stare at you? Boy, do you realize that I gave birth to you and that I know every inch of your body?

You’re not their favorite person

I didn’t think that someone else would get that title, so soon. When they have to choose between hanging out with friends or you, they’ll always choose the friends.

For some, some of the stuff I listed is a bit over the top but for me, all of it is major. What are some of the things that you noticed about your teenage boys?

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