FINO MAN Grooming Solution Range

I believe it’s been about 10 years that he wears his hair bald and a clean shaven face. The only hair was on his chin area which sometimes get shaven off too. The reason for this was that he hated the ingrowns but when it gets shaven off, the razor bumps irritated him.

My husband always loved lotion more than what I do probably because I’m such a lazy person…lol. So, when I got asked to review the FINO MAN Grooming Solution Range, I knew that he was the perfect person to try it out.

FINO Cosmetics was created by Adrienne Cohen, a former make-up artist who came across many men and women who experienced post hair removal issues such as ingrown hairs, redness, itchiness and other skin irritations. This lead her to create this brand to put an end to help solve this probem.

In our package we received:

FINO MAN gel Facewash – face and beard wash (R70.00)
The facewash is infused with active essential oils, this soap-free, PH balanced, multifunctional gel wash can be used to clean face, beard and head. The all-in-one gel gently moisturises and protects skin and beard from the harmful effects of pollution, daily irritants and bacteria and helps to protect against the bumps and itchiness associated with beard growth.

FINO Soothe MAN post shaving balm – combats ingrown hairs and bumps (R69.95)
This unique, hygienic balm is a mild exfoliator with both antiseptic and calming properties derived from ingredients such as Vitamin A and Papaya enzyme. With its non-greasy, drip-free formula, FINO Soothe can be applied to any part of the body, after wet or dry shaving or waxing, including the beard area, head, back of neck, chest, legs and underarms. This soothing balm also relieves the dry, itchy skin associated with new hair growth, and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and revitalised.

FINO MAN Bump Control – intensive razor bump treatment (R70.00)
With its antibacterial and antifungal ingredients and natural astringents, this hard-working, tea-tree and willow bark serum rids skin of stubborn bumps and nasty ingrown hairs leaving skin smooth and healthy.

My husbands thoughts:

(He used the products on both his face and head.)

The gel facewash wasn’t harsh on  the skin and didn’t make the skin feel dry afterwards. The post shaving balm as well as the bump control treatment is really soothing on the skin.

What I have noticed is that the scarring of previous bumps on the sides of his face has become remarkably lighter since he’s been using these products. He’s also haven’t been bothering me to pick at his ingrowns so much.

This range is very affordable and available at all your Pick n Pay, Dischem and Clicks stores. We will definitely recommend this product for anyone who is growing a beard or shaves their hair often.

PS. It will make a great gift for the men in your life!

Till later

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