Toy Review: Hairdorables Series 2 PLUS Pets

If you’ve been on my Instagram recently, you should have come across a little unboxing video of the Hairdorables Series 2 and Pets we recently received from Just Fun Kidz to review. If your kids is into collectable toys, the Hairdorables dolls with their “Big hair, Don’t care” attitudes is just about right for you.

The collection features Noah, a social media influencer and her squad who regularly shares content on their Hairdorables channel on YouTube. (Be sure to check it out!)

The collection consist of 26 dolls each of which comes with a few surprizes. Opening the package is like opening a lucky packet with no idea of what is inside. You get to peel away each compartment to reveal each surprize. We had so much fun doing this. Well, it was fun watching my kids open the boxes while a make the video.

Each doll comes with an outfit suiting their personality, accesories, a colour changing accesory as well as a collectors guide and some fun stickers.

We were gifted 2 of the 26 dolls in the series and the first one is Global Skyler with her cute purple hair bow in her extra long black hair, purse and colour changing glasses.

The second cutie was Delightful DeeDee with her adorable little apron, probably baking some sweet treats with a whisk in the hand and cute little sun visor.

You now also get the Hairdorables pets that comes with their own brush, so girls can style their Hairdorables Pet’s hair, just like the Hairdorables Dolls! Each pet includes 2 accessories, 2 stickers, one brush, one adoption card, a collector list and loads of personality. How cute?

We received Lucky Lemon with her turquoise and yellow curls, a petting brush, fancy hat and ball.

This was so much fun and sometimes I find myself playing with all of that hair myself…lol. If you want to know where to get this collection, click here to see which retailers stocks them.

Till later!

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