I almost quit my job

This week is my 3rd week since I’ve started working from home. Being able to work from home in a time such as this, is a major blessing. I was so close to quitting my job because I didn’t have anyone reliable to look after my 7 year old in the afternoons.

For the first couple of weeks, both my son and daughter was home and looking after him in the afternoon while waiting to be placed at a school. That was a long story and I’ll try and do a post about it soon.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my daughter started school and everything changed. Initially, I have asked my mom, who lives in another suburb to come everyday to be here for Jody and leave when my older kids get back from school. She was willing to do that but it was a bit unreasonable from me to expect her to commute to and from my house everyday.

So there I was, loosing my mind because I have no-one to to care for my kid when he gets home from school. Aftercare was not an option and the only thing I thought I could do was quit my job and take care of my own kid. Even though our family won’t be able to cope without my salary, I was willing to give it up for the safety of my child.

I almost quit my job

After many tears…yes, I’m a crier, I put on my big girl panties and emailed my manager asking if there’s any possibility of me working half day. After discussing it with the big boss, they suggested that I work half day at the office and the other half at home. I really didn’t expect that but I am so grateful that I didn’t have to quit my job in the end.

And then, on the first day of working half day, I was asked to pack up my things and take everything home with me and work from home the entire day due to the COVID-19 issue escalating.

Working from home has its challenges but I will fill you in on the details later!
Keep safe and #stayhome

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