Review: Footy’s flavoured drinks

A while back we received some goodies from Footy’s Future drinks for us to try and share our opinion on. I wanted to share this with you earlier but with all the chaos happening around us, getting the kids into a “home-schooling” routing, getting my “office” set up at home and also figuring out how we will cope as a family with the lockdown situation, it just wasn’t the right time. When I share something with you guys, I like to know what I’m talking about.


First, Footys Future drinks is a cooldrink range that comes in powder form as well as ready to drink bottles. Not only can you use it to make delicious drinks, but the powder can be used to create loads of interesting treats like yogurt, jelly and many more of which I will try out for myself. What is that saying? The proof is in the pudding!

The drink is made with natural ingredients which makes it healthy for everyone in the family. Whether you are worried about the health of you child’s teeth, don’t worry, it is completely tooth friendly. If you’re banting, watching your calorie intake, it’s perfect for you too. It is free from sugar and packed with vitamin c which great to boost the immune system while facing and fighting this COVID-19 virus.

Let me give you the low down on all the delicious flavours.
It comes in 6 flavours with such cute names…(who came up with it?)

Nico the Naartjie
Ruby the Raspberry
Stefan the Strawberry (the kids favourite)
Grant the Grape
Lucy & Luca the Lemon & Lime
Paula the Passion Fruit

The powders come in a handy 450g jar that gives you up to 34 servings as well as a 170g jar that gives you 12 servings. You can also get it in a variety pack that gives you 5 + 15g single serve sachets per box.

This drink is a great alternative to all the sweetened and fizzy drinks on offer everywhere. The mission and vision of the brand is to help families make healthier lifestyle choices by following healthier eating habits with proper nutrition. At the same time, they feel that we can still be able to enjoy the sweet part of life, especially for our kids. Bearing in mind that children live by example, the range was also developed to include everyone in the family, both young and old.

As I’ve mentioned before, all the products are made with natural colourants, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar and no preservatives making it diabetic friendly. The perfect treat for health conscious and people prone to allergies.

You can find the Footy’s cooldrink range at your local Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market, Spar, Dis-chem Pharmacies and Fresh Stop. You can also shop the product on their website where they are currently running a promotion and get free delivery. Check it out here.

I will keep you posted on the recipes I try in the weeks to come.

Till later!

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