Quick, easy and yummy recipes with Footy’s Powdered Drinks

Finally, I have a spare moment to sit down and jot down this post for you guys. As promised, I’d like to share some tasty ways in which you can use the Footy’s drink powder.

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, the Footy’s drink powder is super good for you because it contains loads of Vitamin C which is a good immune booster especially in a time such as this. I’d like to share a couple of fun recipes that I’ve tried over the past couple of weeks with the kids.

Flavoured yogurt

1 cup plain yogurt (I used double cream)
1 scoop Footy’s powder (flavour of your choice)

Add the Footy’s powder to the yogurt and stir until the powder is dissolved.
Add some more powder if you want more flavour. You can add some fresh fruit or nuts or some muesli to add some crunch.

Custard and Jelly cups

4 teaspoons of gelatine (per flavour)
2 scoops Footy’s powder (2 different flavours)
125ml boiling water (for each flavour)
375ml cold water (for each flavour)
Instant custard

Small cups or bowls or wherever you want to put your jelly in.

In two separate bowls, add the boiling water together with the gelatine.
Stir until gelatine is dissolved.
Add the Footy’s powder to the gelatine water and stir.
When powder is dissolved, add in the cold water and stir.
Now you add a little bit into each cup and refrigerate. I put mine in the freezer for it to cool down faster while the other flavour sits in the fridge.
Once the jelly is set, add the second flavour on top and put the cups back in the freezer.
As soon as the top layer is set, you can pour over the final layer which is the custard.

Fruity flavoured ice cream

½ cup full cream yogurt
1 scoop Footy’s powder
2 cups of ice

Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.
Pour into ice trays and freeze. I didn’t use ice trays, I just scooped into a container to freeze.

I would have loved to make the SUGAR FREE JELLY BABIES but I don’t have molds to make them in and I the shop where I know I can get the molds from, is closed at the moment.

If you happen to buy the Footy’s powders, which I strongly recommend, let me know on any of my social media platforms, which recipes you tried.

Till later!

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