Food you can prepare ahead of time to save time during the week

I prefer making home cooked meals for my family during the week and all those quick meals I leave for weekends. It’s difficult to prepare meals after work when you have so much to do and even when you’re working from home. You know how your to-do list gets even longer when you’re at home. Today I am sharing with you some of the things I prepare ahead of time to save me time during the week. Continue reading

Da Vinci Educational Channel now available on DStv

As a mom “homeschooling” my three kids while also working from home full-time, I needed all the help I can get. Having them sit infront of their books the entire day was definitely not an option at all. I am sure many parents, whether they work from home or not, know what I’m talking about. Having a variety of activities and things to do makes schooling at home so much easier.

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The Beauty Worx facial serums

A couple of weeks ago I was gifted The Beauty Worx Retinol Complex face serum to try and review. Now I’m now beauty expert but I have come to learn (very late) that proper skincare is key for any woman. I never took care of my skin when I was younger because I never had any skin issues, ever. And just so you know, not having any skin issues does not mean that you don’t have to take care of your skin.

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