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The Marriage Box

About 2 weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated 13 years of marriage. Thirteen years of wanting to snuggle next o my husband at any given time. Thirteen years of wanting to punch him in the face when he gets on my nerves. Thirteen years of choosing love, over and over again.

Marriage is a big deal to me. Well to most people I’m sure, but¬†these days I am not too sure. While the idea of marriage seems awesome, in reality it is nothing like what it’s portrayed on television. What many don’t realize is, being married and staying married is a tough job.

The Marriage Box

A few years ago, I came across this quote that simply puts what I just tried to say, into perspective.

The Sacrifice

Once you enter into this union, you need make a conscious decision that your spouse and his/her needs are more important than your own. Throw in some kids at a later stage, it will definitely get trickier but, if you get it right between the two of you, sharing of yourself with the kids becomes easy too.

Forget about being selfish. Marriage is about giving and not expecting anything in return. It’s about giving the best of yourself, not after you’ve given your best to everyone else. It’s making your spouse’s happiness and well-being your main goal each day. To serve and not expect to be served.

Our Job

Marriage is about making sure your spouse becomes the best version of themselves. Build them up. Build together. Set goals together. Work towards those goals together. We all have a different perception of marriage. We need to let go of that picture and experience and create your own picture. Only then you will find fulfillment and find true happiness within your marriage.

Marriage is hard work but with the good comes the bad. You’ll experience the absolute worst of your spouse as well as the butterflies in your tummy moments. To me, the best moments outweighs the bad ones and working towards becoming better at being a wife to my partner, will in turn make him want to be a better husband to me.

Till later.


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