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Perfect Alan

Everyone that knows me on a personal level will confirm that I think of my husband as PERFECT. And those who know me who will read this post, or at least the start of the post is probably shaking their heads at me right now. Perfect Alan is what I call him. Sometimes he hates it and sometimes he loves it (although he will never admit it). I actually don’t care because in my eyes, he is.

Just last month we celebrated 13 years of marriage and what an eventful 13 years it was! Over the years we have changed and grown so much but one thing that hasn’t changed is how good a father he has been to our 3 children.

This month we are celebrating all the fathers around the world to show them that we recognize their contribution towards the lives of their kids. Today I’m letting Perfect Alan know just that!

Today I want to celebrate him for being the father that he is to our kids. The father who woke up with me to burp them after a feed in the middle of the night. The father who never made changing nappies and bathing the little ones, “mommy’s job” only. The one that uses some kind of magic to put them to sleep. The father whom they wake up too at night when they are sick, without me even knowing because I’m forever in a coma.

Thank you for showing and teaching them love and humility. Thank you for always putting their needs before your own. Thank you for always wanting to put smiles on their faces by doing the little things that they love so much. Thank you for knowing each one of their needs and for wanting the best for them. Thank you for all the foot massages you give Azaria.

You teach them to pray and to make time for the Word. You instill in them values that will last them a life time. You are a great role model. We are blessed to have you. We appreciate you.

My dearest husband, fatherhood suits you PERFECTLY!

Till later.

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